Every Stitch Counts

The visual artwork in 'Every Stitch Counts' is loosely inspired by the tradition of embroidery samplers to communicate important themes exquisitely in thread. Traditional embroidery and stitch patterning are combined with botanical material to establish and elevate the connection between nature and the human touch. This work speaks to the artist's love for nature and the beauty in subtle detail, but also to her concern about the fragility of the ecosystem and the necessity for intervention. Both tender and ruthless, this intricate work communicates the idea that our relationship with the natural world is both tenuously fragile and infinitely complex. The visual exploration of these themes is accompanied by two poetry sequences which look to embroidery as metaphor for human engagement with history, with nature, and with ourselves.  

Hillary Waters Fayle is an artist from Elma, New York.  Fayle received an MFA in Craft/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a BFA at Buffalo State College. She now lives and works in Richmond, VA where she continues her work establishing connections between nature and the human touch.  Fayle’s work speaks to her love for nature, but also of a concern about the increase of imbalances in the environment and the need for stewardship. Fayle also works as an artist assistant, and an instructor and program coordinator at VCU.  Her work is currently being shown nationally and abroad and has been published widely online and in print.